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painting on LUCiTE description



Painting on the backside of acrylic, using sheer layering techniques, I apply the paint in reverse—which is mind-bending at first. The three-dimensional result is unmatched, and the wipe ability and durability makes for ultra-functional art. The LUCiTE SHINE is multidimensional and adds exciting interest and depth to the work.

I've created my own technique and process.  I am not aware of anyone else creating art in this way. It keeps me curious and excited to paint. I can create commissions of any size. Backsplashes, Table ToPPers, LUCiTE LiTTLEs, Bar Fronts, Kitchen Hoods, Art for Exteriors, Art for public high traffic areas, and so much more. The options are limitless!

LUCiTE LiTTLEs are small original works of ART on LUCiTE. Each and every LUCiTE LiTTLEs™ is one of a kind and are great for high traffic areas. Being waterproof, LUCiTE LiTTLEs  look amazing displayed flat on a coffee table book or next to a sink in a powder room. Contact me for current inventory and check out instagram:)


For further information on individual commissions, please contact Summer at

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